The Fillies softball team went to the GCAA State Championship last semester and beat East Georgia and Georgia Military College in the tournament. For the first time since 2002, the Fillies went to the national tournament. The team’s state championship rings were given to the players on Sept. 28 during a ring ceremony.

     “It’s great to have the girls back to get their rings,” said Head Coach Jennifer Walls. “I think everyone is still in shock that we won, but I hope it motivates my team that they can be here, and this could be them in 2020.”

     Before the ring ceremony started, former head coach Donna Campbell called up former players and fielded a team to go head to head against the current softball team in a game of fastpitch.

     “It’s neat to let the current team see the alumni that loved ABAC softball so much,” said Campbell. “To let them see the comradery between Coach Walls and I is good too because when I handed the program off to her, I knew it was in good hands.”

     A week before the game, Walls said, “It will be fun to see who from the alumni still has it, and it will be funny to see who might not.” After a hard-fought game from the alumni team, Walls didn’t have any doubt that the former Fillies players still had it in them. The ring ceremony began when the game finished up, with the current Fillies running away with the victory.

     Fifteen players and six coaching staff members received rings for the victory at the state championship. Not only were former players there to watch the current generation receive championship rings, but the 10 current high school players that have committed to playing softball at ABAC attended.

     According to Walls, she hopes to have the new players this year see the sophomores and alumni players receiving rings proves to them that they too could earn state championship rings if they work hard enough.

     “We have a few returners that were there for that state championship win last year,” said Walls. “I hope they tell the new players that this is what we need to do if we want to win again.”

     Concluding the ring ceremony, fans, players and coaches participated in a BBQ cookout that raised money for the team.

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