New exhibit starring pecans opens at GMA


      Ever thought about the history of Georgia’s famous pecan? No? Well, maybe you should. The Georgia Museum of Agriculture (GMA) recently added a new exhibit to its continuously expanding museum.

     The Georgia Pecan Experience opened on Sept. 12 and gives its visitors a look into the history of pecans and the industry. The exhibit also discusses the health, nutrition and biology of the pecan as well as delicious recipes. The exhibit is interactive with information tumblers and the entirety is set against a backdrop of a Georgia pecan orchard.

     Unlike other exhibits, the Georgia Pecan Experience is completely wheelchair accessible. Along with this, it offers special provisions for blind guests such as custom-made tactile panels. The GMA has donated a special artifact: a pecan sorting table by the Ganas Pecan Company from Waycross. The table will be available to view at the exhibit as well as many other artifacts.

     The interactive parts of the exhibit are sure to get museum-goers involved as the reactions have been great according to Museum Curator, Polly Huff. “We have had several groups come see it already and people are getting into the interactive part of it,” said Huff.

     The GMA tries to represent all of the Georgia agricultural commodities, and the pecan was not represented until this exhibit was added.

     ABAC students, Jason Gentry and Ari Penne assisted with the research and installation of the exhibit. “Though people may not realize it, the pecan is actually historically important to Georgia and agriculture. With this exhibit they will be able to learn more about its importance,” said Penne.

     The exhibit comes from a two-year-long collaboration with the Georgia Pecan Growers Association, who also sponsor the exhibit. Though the exhibit officially opened on Sept. 12, there will be a grand opening event for representatives from the pecan industry later this fall. The exhibit is permanent, so visitors will be able to see it for years to come.

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