And That’s Why We Drink: Live Experience


     Ghosts, true crime and wine? Sign you up, right? If all of those things sound like a good time to you, then you should have been at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta on Saturday, Sept. 7. That night the young people from the popular podcast, “And That’s Why We Drink,” filled the room with laughs, sips and plenty of spook. No worries if you missed it this time because we made sure that they would never forget to make their way back to Atlanta.

     “And That’s Why We Drink” is a podcast hosted by two best friends, Em Schulz and Christine Schiefer, who upload new episodes every Sunday to trade stories of murder, ghosts and all things horror. In their opinion, the world is a scary place, “and that’s why we drink,” because what else can you really do?

     Em usually prefers milkshakes and ghosts, while Christine handles the wine and murder. Their choices of stories may be dark and rather heavy but they never fail to make light of situations when they can, and they sure kept us all laughing throughout the entirety of the show.

     To start the show, Em and Christine told us about their experience in the show prior to the one in Atlanta. They had just been to one of the most haunted places in the country, New Orleans, and they stayed in a hotel where hundreds of orphans had died years before.

     Christine made sure to tell us that she booked this haunted hotel without ever telling Em or Eva (their editor and assistant), and when she surprised them with all of the gruesome facts, they began to encounter the spirits left behind. They made it out alive obviously, but they made it clear that they would never be staying there again.

     As the show continued, Em began as they usually do during their recorded episodes and told us a story about ghosts in one of the most haunted cities in Georgia, little old Savannah. The story kept us on our toes, while also filling us with laughs because let’s be real–ghosts do some funny, creepy things.

     Christine then told us of a true crime case that also took place in Georgia. Her story was one of those that you thought was going to end, and then you thought it was going to end again and then it finally ended with a huge surprise that I’ll let you all find out about when they upload this live secession.

     After the roller coaster ride of events and emotions, the two besties ended the show by giving us all one last reason to laugh with a very impressive magic trick. The podcast is amazing, but the show was more than I could have imagined. If you’re in the area next time they do their live tour, I’d advise you go see them. The tickets aren’t too pricey, and you’ll have a great time!

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