Forest Lakes continues to be vital resource for ABAC


     The Forest Lakes Golf Club has been part of ABAC’s community for years. Owned by the ABAC Foundation and operated by ABAC, the course is used by the ABAC golf team for numerous practices, tournaments and is also open to the public. The golf course is run by the superintendent, Austin Lawton. Keeping the golf course maintained takes work and contribution that the golf team, and long-time golf coach Larry Byrnes, are thankful for.

     Tyler White, a player for the ABAC golf team, has high hopes for the team and thinks that the contribution from donators is what fuels the team to win.

     “The reason why people should help us out this year is because we’re a really strong team this year and we’re looking to go all the way to nationals again,” White said, “We want to place really well this year and plan to. We need your help to donate this year and every dollar helps.”

     The nationals are in the ABAC golf team’s future. If the team goes again this year it will be the fifth year in a row that they have made it to the legendary tournament. Coach Byrnes doesn’t expect anything less from his team, “I’ve got a great bunch of kids with good character and good work ethic. I know we’ll do amazing things this year.”

     On Sept. 19, the golf team took a day away from the logistics and practice to just have fun. Coach Byrnes said that every practice they take things seriously and the players work hard, so he thought that it would be a good day for them to relax and just play.

     “We just changed it up today and tee’d off from different tees,” Coach Byrnes said, “We made the course a little shorter to help them work on their short game and become a little competitive with each other.”

     Coach Byrnes and the ABAC golf team want to extend thanks to everyone who has helped with the team, their practices and keeping the golf course up to par on maintenance and donations. With the help of the public, Coach Byrnes is able to keep the golf team running and successful.

      “I want to thank all of the people who have supported our golf team over the years,” Coach Byrnes said, “Because of you, we get to continue to do things like we did today. Your contribution helps us do the things we need to do and keep these kids competitive.”

      The Forest Lakes Golf Club is open to the public and anyone who wants to play. The general public can play nine holes on weekdays for $15 and 18 holes for $21. ABAC students, faculty, staff and administrations can play 9 holes on weekdays for $13 and 18 holes for $20.

      If you are interested in becoming a member of the club or have any questions about Forest Lakes, you can contact Austin Lawton at 229-382-7626.

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