The Fillies can’t seem to catch a break after suffering three consecutive defeats. The latest loss was against Gordon State College (GSC) on Saturday Sept. 21. The Fillies fought hard against GSC during the first half, not letting the other team score. GSC scored halfway through the second half and the score remained 1-0 until the end.

     The upset was unsettling for the Fillies because the team needed to play strong against GSC in the conference game. Unfortunately, the Fillies had trouble scoring and didn’t get a single ball in the goal.

     This won’t be the last time ABAC plays against GSC in soccer. The teams will play against each other two more times this season. The Fillies have six more games total in the regular season. Their current record is 2-4.

     The team will play again Sept. 24 against South Georgia State College and again on Oct. 1, against Georgia Military College. Both games will be played at the home field.

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