RHA gives back to students in need


     For many freshmen, college is the first time they will experience being on their own. It can be a challenging time for anyone, especially for those who are now having to provide for themselves.

     For any student who finds themselves in need of help, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) offers a wide variety of non-perishable food in an on-campus pantry. These items include cereals, ramen, or even canned soups. The pantry goes beyond just food. It also has clothing, sheets, and toiletries. “We also have pots and pans for students to use. If they would like to cook, they wouldn’t have to go out and buy the utensils themselves,” Sarah Herring, the Residence Life Coordinator at ABAC said. Any student who may need help is welcome to the necessities the pantry provides.

     If you have questions or concerns, email Residence Life Coordinator, Sarah Herring, at sherring1@abac.edu. The process of obtaining the food items is confidential, and she will work with the student directly to give them the help they need.

     The pantry is always accepting donations. The RHA is currently looking for a stand-up freezer to add onto the pantry. This will help them expand the variety of food the pantry could provide for students in need.

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