For those looking for a Mexican or Tex-Mex style restaurant, there are several options in Tifton.

     El Cazador offers heartier, dine-in style eating; Taco Bell offers cheap fast food, and competing for roughly the same spot are Barberitos and Surcheros. Both restaurants have good dine-in and to-go services, with quality ingredients, the ability to “build” your order and very similar price ranges.

     Surcheros, unlike Barberitos, has two locations in Tifton: one of which is on the ABAC campus. This location allows students to pay with Dining Dollars and also gives a discount, in the form of a free drink with a meal. That said, prices can range from six to nine dollars and more if extra sides are added. While it’s not the priciest place to eat in Tifton, eating there regularly adds up.

     The food itself is rather good. There is a wide variety of ingredients to choose from: including steak, ground beef, chicken, corn salsa, peppers and a variety of sauces. The meals are made fresh and much tastier than Taco Bell, but just as filling as El Cazador.

     If someone were to ask which was better all around, between Surcheros and Barberitos, I would honestly say the two are tied. However, Surcheros is the more convenient of the two for ABAC students, in terms of both accessibility and payment. It seems many people on campus agree, as the campus Surcheros is regularly packed at lunch.

     The only major complaint I can find with the restaurant is that they are no longer open on weekends. For students looking for a quality meal on campus who want something besides the Dining Hall, they will have to look off-campus.

     Overall, I give Surcheros a rank of A and recommend students support them, be it at the campus or elsewhere.

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