This has been a big summer for self-created Michigan rapper, Nathan Feuerstein, also known as NF. He released his 20-track masterpiece, “The Search,” on Friday July 26, 2019.

     The album wrestles with the tough, existential questions we all face and refuse to accept. Raw, moving and illuminated by flashes of humor, NF’s signature tense and tight bars evoke an intense internal journey, a quest for personal peace and meaning.

     His lyricism skills and deep concepts are often compared to the well-known rapper, Eminem. Although Feuerstein refuses to label himself as a Christian rapper, or really anything at all, he has created his own genre of music.

     This album is made of songs you can work out to, cry to alone in your bedroom, and moments later help you pick yourself up off the floor. Over the course of his four album releases in the past nine years, his music has almost allowed us to walk beside him on his journey through heartbreak and growth.

     He doesn’t hide much from the world, as his lyrics prove to be bold, and start conversations we don’t talk about nearly enough.

     Some may even say he is the voice of our generation. He isn’t like most rappers in the industry right now. Rapping more about real-life rather than alcohol and sex.

     The first track on the album, matching the album name, “The Search” was released about a month before the album, on May 30 This song gave us an idea of what was to come, but no one was ready for what would follow within the album.

     “The Search” Tour will launch on Sept. 12 at Stage AE in Pittsburgh. “The Search” 29-day headline fall tour had sold 20,000 tickets on the first day with 130,000 total tickets sold, making this NF’s biggest headlining tour ever.

     It took two years for Feuerstein to produce the album, and it was worth the wait. If you want an album you can confidently play all the way through on repeat, “The Search,” is over.

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