2019-2020 SGA


     At the close of the spring semester, SGA candidates engaged in a double runoff for the final positions as Senators for the School of Arts and Sciences for ABAC’s Tifton Campus. At the close, two history and government majors, Sarah Hughes from Willacoochee and Jesse Page from Athens, won the positions.

     For the Tifton site, Jacob Weaver, an agribusiness major from Zebulon and Sydney Conley, an agricultural education major from Ellijay are the Senators for the School of Ag. Caitlin Wood, a nursing major from Sylvester, became a senator for the School of Nursing.

     For the Bainbridge site, Hope Sizemore was named Senator for the School of Business and Emily Cunningham became a senator for the School of Nursing. A senator for the School of Business spot remains vacant because nobody ran for the position.

     Jireh Jones, a general studies major from Albany, has been elected as Executive Vice President. “I want to start off by saying thank you to the student body for electing me as Vice President. As this year starts, it will be my duty to ensure that every student has a voice… I promise to remain humble and accessible to everyone,” said Jones.

     Jake Harris, an agricultural communication major from Hamilton was elected as the SGA President. Harris also said, “I am so excited for this opportunity to serve you and our growing school. In the upcoming year, I plan to boost involvement, embrace diversity and voice the concerns of each student.”

     Both Harris and Jones are confident in their staff’s touch. Jones said, “I encourage students to come to talk to any of the SGA officers, there are some kind and amazing people in office this year, and they’ll make sure that your need gets taken care of.”

     Harris closed out his statement by saying, “The Student Government Association officer team is excited to serve students of all majors in each school on our five instructional sites.” Jones ended with, “Once again, thank you for this opportunity and I will do my best to make Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College home for every student.” President Jake Harris and Executive Vice President Jireh Jones can be reached at jharris11@stallions.abac.edu and jjones94@stallions.abac.edu respectively.

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