Sydney Vaughn: Associate of Science in Nursing

Photo of Sydney Vaughn. Photo courtesy of Sydney Vaughn.

By Ariel Pridgen

     Sydney Vaughn is a nursing major who will be graduating from ABAC next month. Before enrolling at ABAC in 2015, Vaughn was born and raised in Macon, GA. She went to Howard High School where she graduated in 2015.

     Vaughn admits that she didn’t know what she wanted to pursue when she arrived at ABAC.

     “Well, I somewhat had an idea . . . I knew I could envision myself working in the medical field, but I did not know which area would be most fitting for me. Aside from academics.”

     “All of my life growing up my goal was to play college softball for four years. Softball was my complete passion. This is why it is so baffling to me that I gave it up so easily when I began considering becoming a nurse.”

     One morning, Vaughn had an epiphany about pursuing nursing. After a lot of thinking and prayer, Vaughn said she was led to become a nurse.

     “Ever since that day, I have been pursuing a nursing degree and have not looked back yet. The journey has been long and tough, but so incredibly rewarding.”

     Vaughn’s favorite part of the nursing program was the skills labs they participated in. She said it was nerve-racking, but helped the students to bridge their studies and real life.

     When asked if it was hard being a nursing major, Vaughn said, “Absolutely. Other words to describe being a nursing major include: demanding, exhausting, intimidating, mentally taxing and at times depleting … but also worth it!”

     What Vaughn will miss most about ABAC and the program is the sense of belonging she had while here at ABAC.

     “I never thought in a million years I would call the small town of Tifton my home, but that is exactly what it has become.” She also expressed appreciation for professors that have helped her in her academic career.

     After graduation, Vaughn plans on moving to Moultrie, GA where she will work at Colquitt Regional Medical Center as a Medical-Surgical RN. “I am beyond excited to begin this next journey and am so incredibly thankful for all that ABAC has blessed me with. My life is better because I chose to go to ABAC!”

Martin Silva: Bachelor’s in Diversified Ag

Martin Silva poses in front of the Stallion statue. Photo courtesy of Martin Silva.

By Danielle Long

     Martin Silva, from Madison County, will be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Diversified Agriculture. Silva has been a student at ABAC for nearly five years. Even though he has been here an extra year, Silva doesn’t regret a single moment of his time as a student.

      “I originally wanted to become a 4-H Coordinator,” said Silva in an interview. “I was recommended by my 4-H Advisor back at home to come here.” This was the moment that ABAC initially captured Silva’s interest.

      His high school teachers would tell him of how ABAC would be the best college for anyone majoring in anything agriculture related.

      Silva has been greatly involved on campus. He played Intramural Softball and Intramural Tennis for a year, but his biggest impression was through the Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM).

      Silva stated that his time being a part of BCM is by far his favorite memory of his time enrolled at ABAC. He went on to explain how having a leadership officer position at BCM has taught him a lot about accountability and discipleship.

     “Being involved with the BCM has provided me with a supportive family environment. I was able to meet many people who genuinely care about me,” said Silva. With the many semesters he has spent as a student, Silva has learned several valuable lessons that he will carry on with him through life.

     He advises anyone planning to attend ABAC to continuously study. He explains that nothing comes easy and that they should definitely be prepared to work hard.

     “I suggest seeking help from professors. They’re not going to spoon-feed you, but they will most likely work with you if you need help. There are wonderful professors here that want to push you to work hard and be your best,” Silva said. After graduating in May, Silva has plans to continue working with 4-H.

     However, since his involvement with the BCM, Silva was presented with opportunities to work with a church camp. Silva would like to become a Youth Pastor in the future.

Accacia Lawson: Bachelor’s in Business

Photo of Accacia Lawson. Photo courtesy of Accacia Lawson.

By Kristen Davis

     Accacia Lawson is a graduating senior at ABAC and will receive her Bachelor’s in Business. She is from Ocilla, GA and has her mind set on furthering her career in the business field after she graduates.

     “I chose business, because business is always involved in everyday life. You have to know certain concepts and skills of business to successfully do anything in any career you want to do.”

     Out of all the options she was given to start her journey towards her degree, Lawson chose ABAC, “Because ABAC is like home. You come here you and don’t meet a mean person. Everybody is super friendly, and you get to know people. ABAC enabled me to be open to new expectations and new beginnings.”

     Accacia is applying to different jobs for when she graduates. She is currently interviewing at Webstraunt, an economic business store. Her dream job is to be a Human Resources Director. She describes herself as a people person and has learned great interpersonal skills to help her further her career.

     “My friends would describe me as very strong-willed, passionate, confident and self-assured.” Accacia has built connections with different people to prove her personality as an outgoing individual. She has also been involved in multiple clubs throughout her college career.

     With these skills, she has accumulated throughout the years, she is determined to interact with people as much as possible and climb her way up to the Human Resources Department.

Adam Kobylski: Bachelor’s in Natural Resource Management

Photo of Adam Kobylski. Photo courtesy of Adam Kobylski.

By Leila Baxter

     Adam Kobylski knew he wasn’t cut out for an office job at a young age. His ag career began in his teens with a landscaping company in his hometown of Loxahatchee, Florida. “I only had like six or seven lawns, but I just loved working outside and seeing a finished product.” Kobylski will be graduating from ABAC with a Bachelor’s in Natural Resource Management

     Kobylski wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after high school until he joined the ag program and became involved in FFA. “I realized that there was an actual field of it that you can go into you know in agriculture and other things too like environmental sciences and natural resources”

     In college, Kobylski has enjoyed working with his peers to study and teach each other concepts and problems that they may not have gotten in class. He currently works as a Land Manager for hunting programs in North Florida but will have to change jobs when he graduates and goes back home. While at ABAC, he has been a member of the Wildlife Society and had the chance to take an internship with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Kobylski states, “Those connections are leading me to more internships this summer and more opportunities like in graduate school.”

     He has since been offered a Biological Technician Internship working with the invasive species Lygodium microphyllum, also known as Old World Climbing Fern, and doing research on ways to control it. He is also looking into a Botanist position at the South Florida Water Management District where he would be updating a herbarium and doing research on more invasive species.

     During Kobylski’s time at ABAC, he upgraded his private captain’s license and plans on moving back home after graduation to run a towboat in the time between now and graduate school.

     Kobylski intends on going to graduate school but isn’t sure where yet. He’s been accepted to Florida Atlantic University for geosciences and is currently in contact with someone at the University of Florida. Kobylski explained that funding will be a big factor in his graduate school decision.

     Kobylski’s advice for current and future college students is to always apply for that internship or scholarship you don’t believe you’ll get. He says, “Don’t be afraid to take chances. You think you’re not going to get it, but there’s no way you’re going to get it if you don’t try for sure.”

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