Wigs vs. Weaves


     Black women understand it best when they want a good hairstyle. They want it to last and they want it to be worth it. Natural hair is becoming a trend in the black community, but there are no denying wigs and weaves take top popularity. The question is, which is best? Wigs or weaves? There is no way to evaluate preference because some people prefer one or the other, and some people like both. Preference will not be quantified in this popularity contest.

     Price can never be ignored when choosing a product, there is a huge difference between $50 and $100 when struggling through college. A good wig starts as high as $200 if they are synthetic. A wig made of human hair can start as high as $800. If convenience is more important than quality, which is the case for most college students, wigs start as low as $50, but weaves are more expensive.

     Quality, as always, is the equivalence for price. A bundle of synthetic hair starts at $25, but it’s going to take at least four bundles to do one hairstyle, and the cost of putting in the hair at a regular salon can be as high as $200. So, that’s $300 for a hairstyle that will only last a few weeks. Human hair bundles start at $80 and go much higher. That was just about the cost.

     Now, let’s analyze how long they last. The life sentence of these items varies on quality and reusability. Maintenance is the key to keeping these expensive hairstyles off death row, but even including the variable of good maintenance, weaves have a lower shelf life compared to wigs. Wigs also cost less. A cheap wig might cost $50-$60, and that can last over a year. A cheap bundle of weave might cost $15 if you’re thrifty and know where to shop, and the hairstyle might not cost much if you’re just that talented and know how to do it yourself, but it won’t last more than a few weeks.

     Last, let’s talk about convenience. Wigs don’t stay on your head. Feel like going natural today? Take it off. Weaves don’t go anywhere, they are literally glued to your head. Personally, wigs are going to win my vote. They’re cheaper, they last longer and I can take them off. A wig can last up to a year, a weave isn’t going to last two months. Is there any question why wigs should hold the top spot?

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