Stop injecting political propoganda into entertainment


     It’s incredibly clear that politics have become increasingly divisive in the past few years. With the divide between the Left and Right growing almost daily, it seems there isn’t anything that people can agree on or unite around.

     It used to be that entertainment was one such area, among others. Even if we disagreed politically, people could still come together in mutual appreciation of music, film, books, video games, anime or whatever form of entertainment they enjoyed. Entertainment used to be a way to temporarily disconnect from the madness that is daily life. Every day it seems there’s a new political scandal, a new terrorist attack, another reminder that we live in a hopeless and boring world. If you just sit around all day, doing nothing but focusing on politics and the like, it will eventually burn you out.

     There are many different ways that people disconnect and take a break. Spending time with family, religious activities, hunting, fishing, working on cars, all of these are ways to take a break from the chaos. Creating and/or enjoying entertainment media is another way as well. Or, at least, it used to be.

     But now, those days are long gone. Now, people don’t want there to be a disconnection between the two, but rather, they want politics actively injected into entertainment.

     First, it was video games, starting with the religious right in the late 90s to the mid-2000s, who criticized violent video games as the cause of school shootings and claiming they were negatively impacting children. Then the crusade against them was taken up around 2014-15 by the liberal Left with the Gamergate controversy, with the new tall-tale being spun that misogyny was a problem in a gaming community.

     But it wasn’t limited to video games. Around this time, the politicization spread to comic books, with writers at Marvel Comics injecting left-wing politics into the comics they write, including popular comics such as “Thor” and “Captain America”.

     There has recently been an uptick in people attempting to inject their politics into Japanese anime and anime-styled video games, arguing that “problematic” elements be changed or censored, as well as English dubbing company, Funimation, injecting left-leaning politics into their English translations.

     That’s not even mentioning the political situation in film and TV, with films such as “Captain Marvel” and the more recent “Star Wars” films embracing Left-leaning politics, dividing their fanbases and generating controversy.

      I’m not here to argue over who’s politics are right or wrong. I don’t care if you lean Left or Right. What I do care about is people who are obsessed with politics coming in and trying to ruin something that people enjoy. Society is crazy and divisive enough as is, don’t ruin the little distractions that bring people joy too. Don’t be that guy.

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