Stallions top South Georgia but lose two others


April 23, West Georgia Tech @ ABAC

     The Stallions fought hard to come back after West Georgia College ran away with an early lead, despite having a run from Zac Hill in the first inning and a run from Cole Melancon in the second inning.

     West Georgia tied the score in the bottom of the second inning and the tides changed in their favor. Louie Harvey was the Stallions’ opening pitcher. He surrendered 7 runs from 6 hits in the first three innings.

     Relief pitchers began taking the mound after Harvey. Noah Cunningham, Tison Bell, Patrick Reed and Matt White were the pitchers that came in from the bullpen.

     The Stallions’ offense did not give up without a fight. The team had 18 hits throughout the game and 10 successful runs from it. This wasn’t enough to defeat West Georgia. The final score was 13-10.

April 20, SGSC @ ABAC

     ABAC Stallions defeated the South Georgia State College (SGSC) Hawks after Gunner George doubled on a 3-2 count in the bottom of the sixth inning. The team didn’t give up the fight after SGSC ran away with the lead in the second inning.

     Stallions pitcher, Brett Potts, helped his team to victory after pitching for six innings. He allowed three hits with two runs but also had four strikeouts.

     Rudy Amaya was back on the field after being out from an injury at the beginning of the season. He relieved Potts for two innings and returned to the bullpen.

     Sophomore and team captain, Tate Kight, started the momentum for the Stallions in the sixth inning with a single. Tyler McConnel was hit by a pitch from Matt Thompson. Matt White scored the first run for the Stallions and gears started turning for the Stallions offense.

     The score ended with ABAC in the lead at 8-4. This was the success the Stallions needed after suffering multiple losses this season.


By Hunter Lovelace
Staff Writer

April 17, ABAC @ Gordon State College

     Stallions played a tough game after a 13-3 score against Gordon State College on April 17.  The stallions started off strong going up 2-1 over the Highlanders in the second inning.

     Opening pitcher for the Stallions was Bryson Smeltzer, who pitched five innings only giving up 4 hits and holding the Highlanders to only 1 run while also collecting two strikeouts.

     Matt White lead the Stallions in hits with 2, while also collecting 1 run. Zac Hill also grabbed 1 run with 1 hit as well as 1 RBI for the Stallions. Salik Williams with 4 at-bats collected 1 hit as well as 1 RBI.

     Relief pitcher Cade Davenport came in the sixth inning giving up 3 runs with one strikeout before being relieved by Buck Blalock, who also gave up 3 runs in the bottom of the sixth but fought back and held his own with one strikeout. Noah Cunningham came in to close and gave up 6 runs in the bottom of the seventh.

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