ABAC’s Pegasus Releases its 46 Issue


     Artwork, stories, poems and nonfiction are only a few items that can be found within the pages of the latest issue of Pegasus, ABAC’s literary magazine. The magazine is released once a year and until recently, the process in which it was created was through a club with Dr. Rachael Price as the advisor rather than a class.

     Pegasus is now created throughout a semester during the class known as the Publishing Process with Dr. Price as the professor. This year marked the 46 issue of the Pegasus magazine.

     Pegasus takes submissions online such as art, photography and literary work from Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, North and South Carolina. High school students and ABAC faculty, staff and Alumni are also welcome to submit their work.

     On April 25, the staff of Pegasus celebrated the release of the newest issue and the public could finally take a copy of it home to enjoy. The Peanut Museum at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture was packed as members of the community came to pick up a copy and celebrate its release.

     To start the afternoon off, Dr. Price thanked the staff for the hard work they did in getting the magazine ready for publication. Several contributors that had their work published in Pegasus read their work aloud for all to enjoy.

      Kaycee Aultman read, “A Good Sense of Humor,” which had the audience erupting in laughter. Erin Campbell read her poem, “Not About Cats,” followed by Hannah Robinson who read her piece, “See Me.” Both of which filled the room with emotion. Jeff Newberry also read his work, “Predestined Tenured Radical Ponders Theodicy and the Fate of Public Funding,” also filling the room with laughter. While listening and getting a preview of what the magazine had to offer, the audience was able to enjoy refreshments and read along in their copies of Pegasus.

      Pegasus will continue to be published in the future with the Publishing Process class offered in spring semesters. Those that are interested in submitting their work for the next issue should begin preparing their work for when it is time to submit. Those that are interested in becoming part of the staff for Pegasus can look forward to the next spring semester.

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