Since schooling began, students have tried to think of ways to get back at their instructors. This year, the ABAC STEM club held a fundraiser called Slime Your Professor. The event was held in The Meadows and gave students an opportunity to get back at the professor who may have always made their tests a bit harder than the quizzes.

     Students gave money to bid on their perfect slime victim. While there were a variety of professors who had money on their head, only three could be slimed. The winners were: Amanda Urquhart with $48, Heather Cathcart with $42 and Kaci West with $36. Student Shaniya Roberts said, “I was really hoping to see Kaci West slimed, her homework has kept me up a few times.”

     During the last five minutes before the bidding ended, Urquhart was tied with her husband, Nicholas Urquhart, before he put $15 on her to make sure he dropped out of the running and she would be stuck getting slimmed.

     Other teachers were bidding against their fellow faculty members. Tutor Support Specialist, Joshua Clements said, “I have already donated but if my name ever drops in the pile, I’ve got a $25 check that says I’m not getting slimed today.”

     After the totals were tallied, the winners had to watch as students from STEM club began to mix up the slime. It was mostly water, baby soup and green food coloring, but there was a special surprise. Urquhart, who helped put together even said, “This year, we used regular, unflavored gelatin.” After they finished mixing up the goop, the teachers were required to don lab safety glasses. Cathcart was prepared to get slimed as she brought an extra lab coat to remind students to always have safety gear when dealing with strange chemicals such as slime.

     After the three winners took their seats, students came out of class and quickly formed a big circle surrounded the teachers as STEM students took their positions. On the count of three, students cheered as the buckets of slime drenched the winners.

     Looks of shock, cold and disgust spread throughout their faces. Urquhart said afterward, “It was cold and slippery. It was like being doused with a bucket of cold snot.” West added, “It was definitely snotty. It looked and felt about how you’d expect. After students got their chances to take pictures, the three winners were happy to have the relief of a water hose. Cathcart said, “It feels better getting a bit of it off but I can’t wait for a shower when I get home.”

     STEM hosts the Slime your Professor every spring as well as a science fair hosted at ABAC. If you would like to know more about the club, which is open to all students, contact Amanda Urquhart at

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