Fans have been anticipating the arrival of the final addition to the “How to Train Your Dragon” film series, “Hidden World.” When it finally came to theatres in February, it certainly did not disappoint the fan base. In an interview years prior, Director Dean DeBlois stated this would be the final installment to be released, and it would explain the reason behind why dragons no longer roam the Earth…or do they?

     “Hidden World” follows the adventures of Hiccup Haddock, (voiced by Jay Baruchel), an awkward Viking who is trying to come to terms with living in the shadow of his late father as Chief of his village, Berk. Vikings now have learned to coexist with dragons, their once sworn enemy.

     Hiccup, and his pet dragon, Toothless, each are learning who they are as individuals. Up until this point, the two of them have heavily relied on each other in many ways. Hiccup feels as though he must have his dragon beside him in order to be a great Chief.

     Hiccup comes to the harsh realization that his ideal dragon-utopia will never be. There seems to always be someone out there who refuses to accept Berk’s new way of life. They want to kill and exploit the dragons. Much like the second film, “Hidden World” brings yet another single-minded, one-dimensional villain to the screen, Grimmel the Grisly. Grimmel’s sole goal is to kill every last Night Fury and have total control of all dragons.

     This film goes beyond the traditional concept of having each movie simply be the same, unchanging character going through multiple adventures. Instead, each addition to DeBlois’ trilogy shows Hiccup dynamically changing both physically and mentally. The “How to Train Your Dragon” series is one of the only animated movies to attempt this. The main characters age with the fans who’ve been following the series since 2010, when the first movie was released.

     This series wouldn’t be the success it is if it weren’t for the animation quality. One of the movie’s most notable features would be the astonishing visuals. The breathtaking scenery and stunning detailed animation would be one of the many great charms to not only, “Hidden World,” but all the movies!

     Another great aspect that makes the movie is comedic relief. Even in the most intense or dramatic moments, characters voiced by actors such as Jonah Hill all provide the audience with laughter.

     The only thing I can critique about the movie is the design of the Light Fury. At first glance, she may look very similar to the Night Fury’s appearance, but she looks entirely different. This dragon has no scales, she sparkles and she just looks like an alien to me. I would’ve much preferred just another female Night Fury instead of this alien-like sub-species.

     Overall, I recommend you go see this movie. It has all the elements such as tragedy, humor and heart-warming moments. Many things change for Hiccup in this installment, but his friendship with Toothless will forever be unchanging.

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