Antique vehicles lined the parking lot of the UGA Conference Center on Saturday, April 13, 2019, when the Tiftarea Auto Club hosted their annual charity car show. The club raised $8,000 towards helping families in need, local groups and organizations.

     O’Reilly Auto Parts were the main sponsors for the car show. They donated $2,000 to the show and provided the event with hats and t-shirts. Splash and Dash car wash in Tifton provided everyone who attended a coupon for a free car wash.

     The Company Orgill called the Tiftarea Auto Club about a semi-truck load that was damaged containing jugs of anti-freeze and windshield protection. Orgill donated the truckload and the jugs were handed out to the crowd.

     The TiftArea Auto Club is a non-profit organization. The profits they receive from their annual car show are donated to the American Cancer Society, Patty Cake House and Suitcases for Kids. They also sponsored two students from the Tift County band for a Hawaii trip. Recently, the club donated money to help a disabled child receive a service dog.

     One motorcycle at the show has a unique history. Motorcycle enthusiast, Hannah Tillman explained the story of her uncles’ motorcycle and how it came into his possession. “My uncle had a friend that found this motorcycle in the middle of the woods in Berrien County. He wanted to restore it, but he found out his wife was pregnant with twins,” said Tillman. “My uncle agreed to take the bike and restore it.”

     After disassembling the corroded bike, Tillman’s uncle noticed an interesting message carved into the fuel tank. Etched into the motorcycle part read, “The Georgia Cocaine Machine.” “We like to sit around and imagine all the crazy things this bike has been through,” said Tillman.  She also brought along her 2008 Harley Davidson to be shown next to “The Georgia Cocaine Machine.”

     The award for special interest went to Dan and Terry Mcdowell for their 1966 Batmobile. The special sound effects and the jet flame that shot out the back pleased the crowd as the Batmobile pulled out of the parking lot.

     Tillman’s 2008 Harley Davidson won the best motorcycle against the fierce competition of “The Georgia Cocaine Machine” and other unique bikes. “That Harley Davidson is my pride and joy,” said Tillman.

     The 2019 Best in Show award went to J.D. Crosby for his 2004 Z06 Corvette. “I thought I had the best engine representation and after I missed that, I said “well I’m not going to get an award,” said Crosby. “But when they called my name for best in show I really was surprised.”

     For people interested in joining the club, visit their website, and click on “contact us.” If your family or organization requires assistance, the TiftArea Auto Club encourages people to attend a meeting and ask the members for help.

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