ABAC Spring Flings into another semester


     The Spring Fling returned and did not disappoint the students. Every spring semester, the Spring Fling is held on the Lakeside Lawn and is a way for students to enjoy themselves, good music, good food and relax before finals week begins. This year was no different.

     There were funnel cakes, cotton candy, corn dogs, cheese fries and snow cones to help refresh the students on the hot spring day. The Spring Fling also included activities to keep the students active and this year’s activities kept a line waiting. There was a giant inflatable dartboard for students to kick a soccer ball to score the highest points. An inflatable battle zone was also set up for students to play a version of paintball, without the paint. They separated into two teams and tried to be the last ones standing. A new activity was set up as well.

     There was a table set up for students to tie-dye their own shirt. As usual, the first 100 students to show up were awarded a free shirt with small icons of Georgia on the back.

     The students of ABAC enjoyed themselves at the Spring Fling. The Fall Festival, equivalent to the Spring Fling, will be held in the fall.

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