ABAC students study abroad in Argentina


     Students taking the Global Experiential Studies (GLST 3700) course traveled to Argentina over spring break. Lucia Ona Ruales, Renata Elad, and nine students left the Friday before spring break. The trip focused on ag-business but students could take part regardless of their major. They arrived in Buenos Aires and took a tour of Puerto Madero and downtown. That night the students and faculty received a welcome dinner.

     Ona said that the students visited several farms and companies while in Argentina. On their first full day in Argentina, the students visited the Crop and Dairy farm in Lujan and Basilica de Lujan.

     The students toured the seat of power for the president and learned about Argentina’s history. They also had the chance to visit the Producer Association which works on research and innovation surrounding adoption of Students technology in Argentina. After touring the Argentine Congress, the students enjoyed a tango show.

     After taking a tour of the Buenos Aires Cattle Market, Ona, Elad and the students traveled to Venado Tuerto where they saw the leading company in microbiological products in agriculture. They finished up the day by visiting a local family farm that handles both crop and livestock production.

     Other visits included trips to the Corteva production plant, CIAVT, Concear Ganadera Feedlot, Crucianelli Crop farm, ACA, Rosario Board of Trade and the Flag Monument on the Parana River. During each visit, the students learned something about agriculture and research. The students also enjoyed horse-riding at the Venado Tuerto Polo Club.

     After returning to ABAC students did presentations on what they learned during their trip. One of the students even made a scrapbook of the trip. Ona said the trip was a success and she hopes to take more students to Argentina again in 2021.

     The students also plan to share their experiences in Argentina during a presentation on April 17 at 5 p.m. The presentation titled “A trip to Argentina without leaving the ABAC campus” will take place in Horticulture 131. All those interested in learning about the trip are invited to come.

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