Baldwin Library staff hosts Faculty Feud


     The ding of the bell determined who would answer the question shown by the projector. Teachers who taught History and Government were on one side while  English and Communications instructors took the other. The game of Faculty Feud started with the first ding of the bell.

     Once a forgotten activity the faculty event was revived when a student worker brought the idea up to have a faculty event that students could watch.  The event was set up by the library to bring more attention and a little extra funding to the library.

     David Edens thinks it went well saying, “For being the first time we’ve really done something like this, I think it went quite well, the faculty seemed to enjoy it and the audience that was there seemed to enjoy it.” However, next time an event like this takes place, he plans to publicize it more.

     Teachers who participated also enjoyed the game. Jay Baldwin from the Writing and Comm. team said, “It was fun even with it being their first attempt at doing this. Although I want a rematch, maybe next year.” Rachael Price also, from the Writing and Comm. team, enjoyed the game. “It was definitely fun. We should do it again, but next time, English and Comm. will win!”

     Both the faculty and students who were present for the event enjoyed it. However, there were some suggestions for the game to be held longer and possibly rotating or including more teachers to participate. Others had suggested possibly holding the game in the dining hall, where more students would be interested in watching or trying to have an event where it would be students against teachers.

     Even though the turn out for Faculty Feud wasn’t as big as it could have been—the people who participated really enjoyed what it had to offer and are looking forward to more of it in the future.

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