The Fillies take the goal!


     On Wednesday March 13, ABAC hosted a soccer scrimmage tournament between ABAC ’s very own Fillies, South Georgia State and Wesleyan College. The Fillies came out on top by the end of the tournament, beating South Georgia 4—0 and tieing up the game with Wesleyan College 5—5.

     With the win comes important lessons for the team to build on. Midfielder player Kaitlin Herrington elaborated on the importance of scrimmages, “Anytime we get a chance to scrimmage another college is really beneficial for us because we can see what to expect for next time we play them.”

     Head Coach Aliriza Sisman uses these games to teach his personal philosophy of the sport. “I just took the program six months ago and this is my first year. And I am trying to set up a soccer philosophy that we can kick the ball and hold the ball and make a good pass and bring the ball up and score and everybody will have fun.”

     The upcoming soccer season is looking up for the Fillies. Make sure to catch the Fillies when the next season begins in the fall semester of 2019.

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