The best thing for Dems? Dump Hillary Clinton


     As the 2020 election draws closer with each day and more new candidates enter the race, there have been growing murmurs about whether or not a certain former Secretary of State will make yet another run. Indeed, after her shocking loss last time, it was always a question lingering in people’s minds: Will Hillary try again?

     While she has gone on record as saying she won’t run this time, that hasn’t stopped some publications from speculating that she still will. While this does come off as Hillary fans simply wanting their lord and savior to try again, it would be incredibly foolish to assume she is being truthful.

     It’s no secret that politicians of all stripes lie constantly. Hillary has been caught in an abundance of lies over the years, from her email scandal to claiming she landed under sniper fire. So no one should act surprised, should she announce her run. However, this would be the worst thing for the Democratic Party in its current state.

     As of right now, the Democratic Party is in a precarious position. With representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar sowing infighting within the party and earning them ire from outsiders, the party needs a candidate who can unify them, and be moderate enough to win over lost constituents. Hillary Clinton is the last person they should choose for this.

    While it’s been about three years since the election, there will surely be people still angry about her stealing the party nomination from Bernie Sanders. If she should get nominated again over Bernie, this will only re-open those wounds.

     As for winning back lost constituents, there isn’t a chance. After referring to Trump’s supporters as “deplorables” and insulting them as racist, sexist and everything in between, she has absolutely no chance of winning back those alienated voters.

    If the Democrats want to win back voters and have a chance of getting back the presidency, they need to do two things: first, reel their policies back towards the center. Focusing solely on identity politics and seemingly embracing socialism is not a winning strategy, and as long as they keep this up, they will continue to lose. They should be pushing the brakes on these policies, not the accelerator.

     And second: Get rid of Hillary Clinton. And not just Hillary Clinton, but Bill and all their ilk. One of Trump’s most successful lines during the campaign was to “drain the swamp.”

     While it’s debatable as to how much he has actually delivered on that promise, it is still an argument that resonates with people. It would benefit the party to learn from it, and there is no bigger of a symbol of the political swamp than the Clintons, with their countless scandals and infamous corruption.

     Of course, I’m not stupid. I’m confident that the Democrats will not push for reform and will continue to support corrupt candidates, be it Hillary, or somebody else. So go ahead.

     The further you push to the left, and the more you push corruption, the closer you push yourselves towards self-destruction. The only ones I will feel sorry for are the moderate Democrats who are powerless to reign in their colleagues and are simply trying to do what they think is right. The rest can lie in the bed of loss they’ve made.

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