Do you want to become a SANR Leader?


     ABAC is looking for individuals to represent the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources (SANR). These students will be known as SANR Leaders, a new program coming to ABAC.

     Although the SANR Leaders are a new program, they already have plans for the future. The SANR Leaders will be the face of the SANR while also recruiters for ABAC.

     Those that are chosen as the SANR Leaders will share their unique ABAC experiences with prospective students, parents and the public. These students must be professional and proud representatives of the SANR and ABAC.

     The goal of the SANR is to gain the attention of students looking for a college so that they will join the ABAC family. Students that are selected must be able to develop rotating schedules for team members to operate and manage the Snapchat account for the SANR.

     Members of the SANR Leaders must attend mandatory training sessions and monthly planning meetings to prepare for events and activities as well as participate in alumni and donor-related activities when needed.

     The leaders must also share their stories and experiences with various, diverse audiences.

     Other duties include participation in leadership classes and conferences. SANR Leaders will assist with annual recruitment events such as the Sunbelt Ag Expo, ABAC Farm Tours on Family Weekend, Stallion Days, Career Connections and orientations. They must also attend the Georgia and National FFA Convention, the SANR Classic Golf Tournament, Georgia FFA career development events on campus, Stallion Scholars Forum, Commodity Conferences and the Georgia FFA South Region Rally.

     Students that become a SANR Leader must abide by the ABAC Student Code of Conduct and will serve a one-year term, which beings in August and ends in May. The maximum amount that a student can serve is two years.

     Students that are interested in being a part of the SANR Leader team must fit a few qualifications.

     SANR leaders must maintain a 2.60 GPA, be in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources, demonstrate outstanding leadership and communication skills, maintain membership in at least one SANR club or organization and they must have completed at least one fall and spring semester at ABAC.

     Applications are out now, and the deadline is April 1. For more information about the SANR Leaders, please contact Suzanne Bentley.

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