Students were able to ‘rock out’ at ABAC


     Heart racing and adrenaline pumping are just a couple of the words that can be used to describe how ABAC students felt on Feb. 20 as they ventured up the rock wall in the meadows. The event lasted from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. and was open to all students.

     Music played loudly as students lined up and patiently waited for their turn to climb the rock wall that was not only a small adventure but also a great stress reliever for those traveling between classes. There was an expected turnout of nearly 250 students, as there usually is for smaller events hosted by Campus Activities Board (CAB). For their larger events, the turnout is normally around 550.

     Evelyn Jaimes was one of these students. After climbing down the rock wall, she said, “It looked cool and it was a lot of fun.” Like many others, she felt that it was very high and definitely recommends those that have never been on a rock wall try it out.

     Another student, Ellison Hatfield, also participated in climbing the rock wall. She said that it was “exciting and terrifying” but she would definitely do it again if given the opportunity. The event was so much fun that it has prompted some students, Hatfield included, to want ABAC to install a permanent rock wall.

     ABAC’s CAB was responsible for putting on the event. Ronald Pugh said that they decided on the rock wall because there have been multiple complaints about there not being many fun activities on campus for students to enjoy since the budget cuts.

     They want to increase fun events for students so they will want to continue coming to ABAC. Their goal is to increase student involvement and create an atmosphere where students are excited to participate in events held on campus.

     The CAB hosts a number of events every semester. One of their most popular from last year was the foam party in which they hosted alongside the Student Alumni Council. Students also have this event to look forward to this year as it will be held during Homecoming Week.

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