In college, you have your standard devices: a phone, a laptop, headphones and maybe a smartwatch. However, in the tech space, someone is always trying to create the next cool thing that will take your money. This leads to random but interesting products like smart forks and wine bottles. Things that you might want but then ask yourself “But why though?”

     As college students, we spend a lot of time studying alone. Imagine having a small robotic partner that just rolls around your desk playing with his small cube until you need him. That is when you get the Vector Robot by Anki­- a small palm-sized robot that goes around discovering his surroundings like a plastic puppy with wheels.

     However, Vector isn’t just there to help you procrastinate, it’s also there to help answer questions, take pictures, check the weather and most importantly, dance if there’s music playing. You can also activate Amazon’s Alexa on Vector if you use it. Vector is $250, but a cute robot pet that is pretty helpful, couldn’t be a better waste of money.

     Now you have a little robot friend, but have you thought about having a robotic cuddle pillow? Well for the low price of $550, you can have one. The Somnox™ Sleep Robot is a foot-long peanut shaped pillow that you cuddle to your chest. According to Somnox, it helps you sleep better by regulating your breathing, using “calming sounds”, and most importantly, all the robotic affection you want.

     The pillow simulates breathing, which is supposed to help you relax and makes it easier to sleep. It can also play calming sounds that turn off after you’ve fallen asleep.

     This device isn’t available yet, it releases sometime in March or April according to the website, but you can pre-order it.

     After those overly expensive devices, the last one on this list is a humble $18.99 on Amazon. The SoundBot SB210 Wireless Smart Beanie Headset is the perfect device for those who love wearing beanies and giant headphones. Now you can listen to your music discreetly and look fashionable while doing it or, at the very least, keep your ears warm while you listen. The beanies come in a bunch of different colors and they are washable after taking the headphones out. So, if you were thinking of buying a new beanie and a new pair of headphones any time soon, then this might be a good choice for you.

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