Fox’s newest singing reality show, “The Masked Singer,” is keeping viewers guessing. It is adapted from the Korean show, “The King of Mask Singer,” and follows the same concept. Contestants perform in front of a panel of celebrity judges, but with a twist: the singers are also celebrities whose identities are concealed behind masks.

     Contestants face-off in pairs while the judges and live audience vote for the best performer. The singer who has the highest vote gets to stay and keep their mask on. Singers with the lowest votes are eliminated and must take off their mask and reveal their true identity. Hints are given throughout the show as to who is behind the colorful and extravagant masks.

     The star-studded judging panel includes Robin Thick, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger alongside host Nick Cannon. Singers come from all over the entertainment industry including athletes, comedians and singers. The show has aired five episodes so far, and already garnered a lot of attention.

     While the show received mixed reviews from critics, viewers have been intrigued. People watching the show from home have flooded social media with predictions of who is behind the masks. Some guessing the celebrities perfectly and others missing the mark completely.

     “The Masked Singer” is weird and completely over the top much like its’ Korean predecessor. However, this is what makes the show charming and unique. Much of the shows we see use the same formulas and plot-lines with not much variation. “The Masked Singer” actually defies this and is bringing something fresh to American television. American audiences are simply not used to gimmicks like those featured on “The Masked Singer.”

     Seeing their favorite celebrities in funny costumes with distorted voices is not something most viewers would imagine seeing. “The Masked Singer” is proving that audiences can be interested in shows that are considered out of the norm and is a step towards a different approach to shows here in America.  While the premise of the show is borrowed, it is still something new and bold for American audiences.

     “The Masked Singer” will air eight episodes in total for one season. Another season has already announced, and viewers are already preparing guesses for Thursday’s new episode. If you are looking for a show that is light-hearted, yet different and interesting then be sure to check out “The Masked Singer.”

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