ABAC Bee Keepers Association is buzzing


     After being on campus for three years, the Bee Keepers Association is buzzing with activity. Since he started beekeeping in 2013, Cade Houston’s avid interest in beekeeping grew.

     This led to the creation of the Bee Keeper’s Association. According to Cade, “I founded the club in the fall of 2016 because I felt that we needed a club like this on campus, being a beekeeper myself.”

     The goal of the Bee Keeper’s Association is to inform and teach students and faculty at ABAC about the importance of honey bees to Georgia’s agriculture. The club also works to teach and bring awareness to the community in Tifton.

     They teach skills on the management of beekeeping and basic principle in beekeeping. Currently, the club also has a hive that they’ve been taking care of for about a year and a half.

     President of the club, Cade Houston, is also the main supervisor of the hive and the most involved with the club’s workshops.

     Members get to participate in these workshops in which they wear bee suits to see what the inside of a hive looks like and how to take care of a hive.

     A single hive is on campus and under the care of the club, but the club has helped the Georgia Museum of Agriculture (GMA) take care of their observation hives.

     As well as helping the GMA, the Bee Keeper’s Association participates in other club activities on campus: taking part in Homecoming, Ms. ABAC and AG Awareness Day. The club has grown since it was founded and now has about 20 active members.

     The officers for the club are Cade Houston as president, Louis Canevari vice president, Chasity Denmark secretary, Savannah Eastall as the Inter-Club Council  Representative, and Jackson Tilton treasurer.

     Alongside members who love beekeeping, the Beekeeping Association hopes to keep growing as it becomes more established as an agricultural club in ABAC.

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