Dear Filly: ‘My roommate won’t flush the toilet…’


Dear Filly,

     My roommate is bad about not flushing the toilet. It’s really disgusting, especially when we have guests. I’ve talked to them about it, but they haven’t changed, and I don’t think it’s worth talking to the CA’s about. Is there anything I can do? Help!





Dear TroubledTammy,

     It sounds like your roommate has a case of forgetfulness, bad habit or both, and a gross case too. If you haven’t approached them about the issue more than once, try once more to get through to them. Let them know that it’s nasty, for you to deal with and for any potential guests. Try taking a different approach from the first time you confronted them. If you were more relaxed when talking to them before, make it clear that it’s not okay for you this time around.

     If you aren’t willing to go to the CA’s about the problem, you might have to accept that you’ll be dealing with this crappy problem for the rest of the semester, and just remember to flush the toilet whenever this happens. It’s gross, but some people aren’t willing to let go of bad habits so easily.



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