ABAC Stallions compete in double header against Thomas University


Starting pitcher for the Stallions, Bryson Smeltzer brought the heat to the first game in the double header against Thomas University (TU) JV Baseball team on Feb. 14. In the top of the first inning, he started off with three strike outs.

Salik Williams hit a double to left field and attempted to steal third base while Matt White was at bat. Unfortunately, Williams was caught before pushing third base, but White retaliated with a powerful home run.

Smeltzer continued the success into the second inning by grounding out the TU batter Smith for the first out. The second out was earned from Smeltzer striking out Gonzalez. Austin Hittinger caught a pop fly for the third out.

The Stallions played a great second inning in the bottom when Tate Kight doubled on a pop fly to left field. TU walked Tyler McConnell and then Sam Bennett, which caused Kight to advance to third base and McConnell to second. Bases were loaded when TU walked Cole Melancon pushing Kight to score a run.

Williams fired off with a single on a line drive to Right field, allowing McConnell and Bennett to score additional runs in the bottom of the second inning. Two pop outs finished the bottom of the second inning.

Smeltzer shut down TU with two more strike outs and another ground out to Kight in the third inning. First up to bat, Hittinger delivered a single to center field.

Austin Walls hit a single to right field and Hittinger scored a run. Next, McConnell doubled to right field and Walls scored another run. Bennett continued putting the pressure on TU with another single that allowed McConnell to score their seventh run.

TU started breaking down Smeltzer after being shut down in the first three innings. After hitting a batter, Smeltzer allowed TU to score two runs and afterward the Stallions had a short unsuccessful bottom fourth inning.

Kevin Barham relieved Smeltzer in the top of the fifth inning. Barham put his team back on track with one ground out to Kight and two strike outs. TU returned the favor with three ground outs in the bottom fifth inning.

Barham walked to players and had one strike out before being relieved by Tison Bell. TU batter, Jewett singled and the away team scored a run. Bell finished the inning by striking out the next two players up to bat.

The Stallions finished the first game strong with Noah Cunningham as their closing pitcher. ABAC won the game with a final score of 7-3.

The second game in the double header is currently unfinished and the score left off 6-5 with TU winning.

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