Sports Spotlight: Athletic Director Alan Kramer


     In 2000, ABAC named a new Athletic Director. Thirteen years later, that same man was named the Assistant Dean of Students as well. That man is Alan Kramer.

     After accepting the job of Assistant Dean of Students, Director Kramer was given more responsibilities to contribute to ABAC and the athletic department.

     Kramer attended Truman State University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. He then attended Baylor University for his Master of Science in Education, primarily focused on health and human performance.

     After graduate school, Kramer took the job at ABAC because of the amazing opportunity they offered. “ABAC provided for me to teach Health & Physical Education classes and to resurrect our intercollegiate Women’s Tennis program,” Kramer said.

     Being Assistant Dean and Athletic Director has given Kramer a long list of responsibilities that include: responding to students’ needs and providing leadership for student organizations; directing the activities of a multi-faceted intercollegiate athletic and recreational sports office; providing guidance and supervising department coaches and staff and assisting with the Athletic Hall of Fame.

     Kramer has kept sports a part of his life since his days in high school. He played competitive tennis through high school and college, becoming captain of the team at both levels. While in college, he also worked as the Assistant Intramural Director and the Intramural Sports Director for Sigma Phi Epsilon

     While he was attending Baylor University, he was the Assistant Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach for McClennan Community College in Waco, TX. Under his coaching, the team won the Men’s Tennis national title and the Women’s finished national runner-up.

     Besides his work with ABAC, he has also worked with sports recreationally. He has directed summer long tennis camps in Maine and Pennsylvania and has coached tennis exposure academies at Brown University and Lehigh University

     For the past 19 years, Kramer has done what he can to make the athletics department better, but he began 26 years ago with the tennis team. When he became the Athletics Director in 2000, he began assisting “with facility development including the Red Hill Athletic Center, lighting for softball and baseball fields, multipurpose intramural sports fields, varsity soccer field, Thrash Wellness Center and Foundation Legacy Pool.”

     Being Assistant Dean of Students and Athletic Director is something that Kramer loves to do.

     “Although I’m not able to provide all the engagement opportunities students would like,” Kramer said, “I love watching our students connect with the institution and develop through ABAC’s co-curricular and extracurricular engagement programs.”

     Kramer knows that ABAC has an amazing staff and loves working with the students and coaches here on campus. He looks forward to continuing his job and making the sports department better every chance he gets.

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