ABAC is home to many interesting clubs that other colleges do not have. ABAC’s Turf club is one of them. Members of the turf club have the opportunity to build networking skills while forming connections within the turf industry and exploring it. The Turf Club promotes turfgrass and golf course management programs by holding events such as conferences, volunteering for community service and fundraising.

     The Turf Club has a short history at ABAC. It was first established in the early ’90s and it continues to grow. The club has put on a plethora of events in the past. Some of these events are Floating Chipping Green at Lake Baldwin and Yeti cooler raffles that help the club fundraising.

     They have also assisted with parking at the fall and spring truck pulls, volunteered at the ABAC School of Agriculture and Natural Resources’s annual golf tournament and participated in many Stallion Days. The club has several future events planned such as a Golf Industry Show in San Diego, assisting with the spring truck pull, continuing Floating Chip Green and more Yeti cooler raffles.

     The Turf Club places an emphasis on giving students the opportunity to see the turf industry first hand while helping them build connections both in and out of school that will stay with them throughout their careers.

     There are currently 25 members in the club, but they are always accepting new members. Members of the club do not have to be planning on a career in the turf industry or be in the turf program. Anyone is welcome to join if they are interested in learning more about the turf industry. Dues are $10 each semester. The officers are President Cooper Thornton, Secretary Jhanavi Williams and Treasurer Kyle Brock. They also have two advisors, Justin Exum and John Layton.

     Those who are interested in becoming part of the turf club or that want to find out more should attend one of the club’s meetings. The meetings are held every other Monday at 5 p.m. in the Horticulture building, room 106.

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