Go for the Chromebook this semester


     It’s the start of a new semester and students are buying expensive books, new notebooks and other supplies. However, an important item that students may be looking to buy is a laptop. Finding the right laptop at an affordable price is hard. Some popular options are  MacBook or Surface devices, but the price being around $1000 is tough to swallow. There are some cheaper devices that you could find. One that has been growing in popularity is the Chromebook.

     Designed to be a compact device, it runs on Android that is integrated with one of the world’s most popular browsers, Google Chrome. The Chromebook is made for students who use their laptop for streaming,  homework and social media. With the added benefit of having access to the play store and most devices having a touchscreen, Chromebook’s are designed to be a light, comfortable and easy to carry combination between a laptop and a tablet. Most Chromebooks cost around $200 to $300 with devices such as the Dell Chromebook. This $200 machine has a small 11.6-inch touchscreen that has the ability to fold back into a tablet. It only has 16GB of space, meaning you have to rely on Google drive or other types of cloud storage to save your files. Other options are the Acer Chromebook 15, which at $200 is a bigger 15.6-inch machine with 32GB of space or the more colorful Mint HP Chromebook 14: a $250, a 14-inch machine with 16 or 32GB of space. There are more options that change size, amount of space or if the screen is touch-enabled or not. All are sold either by Acer, HP, Dell, Samsung and even Google.

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