So into ‘You’: a Netflix original series


     Have you ever loved anyone so much you were willing to do anything for them? On the other hand, have you ever felt as if you were being followed?

     If you have, then maybe you could relate to Netflix’s new series, ‘You.’

     ‘You’ stands out from many other shows because it is unique. Part of its uniqueness comes from being told in the second person as the title suggests.

     The show is a thriller television series similar to ‘Riverdale’ or ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ but for an adult audience. It is a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat and begging for answers. Many viewers even say that it is binge-worthy.

     The show is sure to interest fans of the thriller, mystery or drama genres since ‘You’ tends to fall somewhere in between all of these.

     Joe Goldberg is a normal guy with a normal life. He works in a bookstore and lives in an apartment. However, he falls in love rather easily.

     When he meets Beck while working at the bookstore, he immediately takes interest in her and is determined to make his feelings requited.

     He begins to follow her and constantly checks her social media. He becomes obsessed with her which leads him to a series of questionable decisions.

     The show is based on the book written by Caroline Kepnes. The series premiered Dec. 26 on Netflix though it originally aired on Lifetime on Sept. 9.

     The series has been renewed for a second season. Joe is played by Penn Badgley, who some may know from the show ‘Gossip Girl’ as Dan Humphrey and “Easy A” as Woodchuck Todd.

     Badgley’s acting is phenomenal and he makes the audience care for Joe, even though he is a rather dark character. The scenes are also made more intense with the dramatic lighting and cinematography.

     ‘You’ is sure to be an instant favorite among many of its viewers. Those who are trying to find a new show to get excited about should definitely check it out.

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