The transition from high school to college is a huge milestone. School is no longer just somewhere you have to be. Now, you are making the decision yourself to further your education. The questions arise, “What do I want to study? What college is right for me and will help me in what I want to do as a career?”

In recent years, ABAC has been the answer for more high school graduates. ABAC started the fall of 2018 with the highest enrollment ever with over 4,100 expected students. Because of the consolidation with Bainbridge State College, ABAC now offers classes in several counties outside of Tifton, Georgia. Some of these counties include Moultrie, Bainbridge and Blakely.

When Kaylee Ward, a high school student, was asked why she was interested in attending ABAC, she answered, “I was first interested in ABAC because it’s an ag college. I’ve always loved nature and trying to work with it. It’s just something I’ve been interested in. The career that I want to try is either an agricultural chemist or biochemist.”

“ABAC has seen a spike in enrollment because we’re doing so much outreach now. We’re going and recruiting the people, and once we get them to campus, they’re here to stay. They’re staying here, they’ve seen our dorms, and they’ve seen what we have to offer,” ABAC Ambassador, Jamie Worsley, said during an interview.

Stallion Day is one of the important parts of the enrollment process, and it’s there to make the transition into college easier. Each semester, students are given a tour of the campus and all that it has to offer. The event is one of the main reasons so many people choose ABAC to be their college. Some of the events that happen on Stallion Day are walking tours, information sessions, school showcases and club connections. Stallion Day is a campus-wide event that involves faculty and students.

“How are you going to know where to spend the next four years of your life if you don’t actually visit that campus and spend time getting acquainted with the community, faculty, staff and most importantly, those who live the life as a current student every day,” Donna Webb, the enrollment director at ABAC said during an interview. Webb also noted that increasing enrollment numbers are thanks in part to Stallion Day.

During the tours, Ambassadors show potential students around campus. These tours help the students become more familiar with ABAC. Worsley said tours are one of the most important parts of the day.

“They see what we have to offer and see our beautiful campus as well as the activities that we’re doing,” she said during an interview.

Certain sessions give the students the vital information they need to enroll and be successful in college. This includes financial aid information, an introduction to STEPS and Honors programs. School showcases also help students figure out what major they would like to study. Each school had their own showcase and welcomed all students to come and learn more.

If students want to see what clubs ABAC has to offer, they could stop by club connections. Various clubs set up tables in the gym and welcomed potential students to come by and see what activities they can take part in.

President of the Law Club and Vice-president of the History and Government Club, Taylor Swindell, said that having club connections during Stallion Day gains the interests of potential students.

Stallion Day is critical in the college admissions process. Events such as Stallion Day are what spark the initial interest and attraction students may have for ABAC. Other factors such as the introduction to the 4-year degree programs, the consolidation with Bainbridge or the overall expansion and growth of the college, are all reasons ABAC’s enrollment might continue to increase every year.

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