Exploring opportunities at Career Connections


Career Connections is an event that hosts companies within the agriculture industry to come and speak to agriculture students who are interested in finding a career or internship in the industry. Career Connections took place on Nov. 13 in the Ag Science building.

Students dressed head to toe in business casual and flocked to the event to explore professional opportunities in the agriculture industry. Exhibitors set up booths and welcomed students to learn about career and internship opportunities within each company.

Students of the school of Agriculture and Natural Resources were encouraged to stop in and network with industry representatives.

Agriculture majors were advised to bring an updated resume, a firm handshake and their game face for this event. With booths lining the lobby and hallways of the Ag Science building, there were many options within each sector of agriculture represented. Large name corporations such as Smithfield, Synsenta, Zoetis and many others alike welcomed students to explore opportunities within their companies.

Agribusiness major Tyler Robinson had no trouble finding a potential employer to talk to. Robinson says “I handed my resume out to anybody that would take it because any connection can lead to something that could benefit my future.”

Career Connections was a great opportunity for students to practice their professional networking skills while also getting their name out to potential employers.

Although Career Connections caters directly to agriculture majors, all students who attended Career Connections were able to benefit in some way. Biology major Abigail Holley says “I had no idea there was such a wide variety of careers in the agriculture field. I met someone who worked in Horticulture that earned a degree in Biology and he spoke to me about an internship that I would be eligible for.”

Although Holley is not an agriculture major, she asserts that she “learned a lot and had the opportunity to network with people who were outside of her zone of interests.”

Career Connections will be held again in the spring with a focus on careers in Forestry and Natural Resources.

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