Cattlemen’s Association takes a stab at Beef Jeopardy


In the last month of the fall semester, the Cattlemen’s Association held Beef Jeopardy—a game like normal Jeopardy, but based on things related to beef and cattle; like breed, origin, cuts of meat and other beefy questions. According to Vice President Savannah Maddox, they try to have one meeting that’s more fun and relaxed.

“Typically with these meetings, our crowd is thinner than our regular meetings, but we enjoy these meetings because members get to interact more with each other,” she said.

Having a game related to beef cattle knowledge challenges players and has them work together on teams which allow members to get to know each other better.

Members were divided into teams and chose a category and the number of points, earning those points if they got it correct.

Alison Moore and Mary-Margaret Hardee also gave an internship presentation on their experience in the agricultural and cattle industry.
Alison Moore had the opportunity to be an intern for JBS Beef, the world’s biggest producer of meat. “Moving 2,000 miles from home to Utah was the scariest and best experience of my life,” said Alison.

Many students at ABAC will participate in similar internships if they pursue a degree in the field of Agriculture. The Cattlemen’s Association, as well as other agricultural related clubs, are there to help their members find a good internship opportunity or more information in their respective field by hosting a speaker who is in the Ag industry.

It also lets students create connections with others who are going into the same field. The Cattlemen’s Association will be hosting more events in the coming spring semester for any students interested in joining.

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