American Red Cross blood drive on campus


The American Red Cross hosted a blood drive at Town Hall. ABAC has several blood drives throughout the year as a way for students, faculty and staff to have the opportunity to donate blood.

Jessie Jackson, an Ag Education major, has been donating blood for over eight years. She started participating in blood drives when she was in high school. Ever since then, Jackson has been involved with nearly every blood drive that comes in her area.

“I have the American Red Cross app, and it lets me know whenever they are coming near me. That’s actually how I found out about this blood drive,” said Jackson.

Jackson recommends that students who are active to donors download the app.

She explained that a lot of people are hesitant to give blood. They sometimes fear needles, the sight of blood, or maybe they just don’t know how the entire process works.

“Believe it or not but I actually have a huge fear of needles,” said Jackson, “but I overcame that fear by simply turning my head away when they inject me with it.”

Jackson then said how some people are worried about how much the process hurts, but she assured them that the hardest part is the finger pricking. “If you can make it past that, you’re fine,” she laughed.

As the nurse wrapped her arm in the red bandage, Jackson concluded the event by explaining why people should donate blood. “Even if you’re afraid, it’s important to remember that it’s for a greater cause. The nurses here are very nice, and they always cater to your needs.

The best part is not only that you’re giving someone the blood they need, but they also provide you with a snack and drink afterward!”

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