ABAC Collegiate 4-H makes its comeback


The ABAC Collegiate 4-H Club has been on campus for a few years now but is recently going through the process of getting restarted. This is because back in the 2016-2017 school year, the club struggled to keep a strong officer team causing them to miss Inter-Club Council meetings which sent the club into a temporary suspension.

Then in the fall of 2017, Jessie Jackson started the reinstatement process for the club. After getting the club reinstated, a strong officer team was then elected.

The current officers for the club consist of President DJ Hobbs, Vice President Jessie Jackson, Secretary Caitlin Cooper, Treasurer Shelbie Jordan, Reporter Hailey Addison and ICC Representative Savannah Eastall.
The biggest event the club puts on is their fundraiser. ABAC’s Collegiate 4-H Club also participates in events hosted by ABAC such as the Residence Hall Association Valentines Day Carnival, the Ag Business Easter Ag Hunt, ABAC’s haybale design contest and Mr./Mrs. ABAC. The club also takes trips to the local animal shelter, and club retreats to the bowling alley in Tifton.

This year, Jackson says that, “Next semester is going to bring a lot of changes and with that change, I hope a lot more activities and events that all of ABAC can get behind.”

When asked about what some of these things are that are planned for the spring semester, Jackson responded by saying “In the spring, our goal is to really get our name out there and to do that by participating in so much. We will continue to participate in the events we have in the past and bring a few of our own to the table. We hope to have a spirit night, a bird feeding activity/community service project, a dog show, a few separate retreats and much more!”

ABAC’s Collegiate 4-H Club can also provide many different opportunities. This is because 4-H has a spot for everyone whether you are interested in agriculture, growing plants, creating projects, working with youth, getting involved in your community, trying new things or even traveling.

To see that these opportunities are given Jackson says “at the end of all our meetings, if a member thinks of something they want to do, let the officers know and we will try to make that connection for them.”

If you are interested in joining ABAC’s Collegiate 4-H Club, the club is open for anyone to join and meetings are held bi-weekly in Environmental Horticulture room 105 at 7:30 p.m. So, to be sure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity keep an eye out for flyers and posts on the ABAC Collegiate 4-H Facebook page.

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