The Concert Choir on stage. Photo by Alyssa-Marie Behrendt.

The ABAC Concert Choir had their annual Fall Concert on the evening of Nov. 1. The Howard Auditorium seats were full of students, faculty, staff, and family members of those performing. Director, Susan Kirby Rowe, began the evening by introducing the audience to the choir, telling them how much practice and hard work has gone into the preparation for the concert.

The performance started with the entire choir singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” and “The ABAC Alma Mater”. Instrumentalists joined the choir during the song “Grant Us Thy Peace.” The Chamber Singers were left on stage to sing “What Sweeter Music”, and The Jazz Choir all gathered to sing “There is Faith in Music”, by Dan Forrest.

The evening ended with Roe thanking everyone for attending. The choir will be performing again in December for their Christmas Concert, and again during the Spring of 2019.

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