Students come together to watch debate


The winner of the Georgia gubernatorial race between Brian Kemp, Stacey Abrams and Ted Metz will be decided in just a few weeks’ time. One of the mile-markers of this race was the gubernatorial debate on Oct. 23, 2018. With this being the hotly contested race that it is, the ABAC History and Government Club decided to host a viewing party for said debate.

“We actually are a new club here on campus,” club president Brittney Fuller said. The club reserved Bowen room 100 and ordered pizza and drinks for the party. “Normally, the College Republicans or College Democrats will do it, but because we want students to feel comfortable in a bipartisan area we decided to do it this year.”

While the actual debate didn’t begin until around seven, members began arriving around six to eat and socialize. When the actual debate started, students changed focus to the screen, occasionally exchanged remarks with each other, or laughed at something humorous a candidate said. As the event came to a close, Stallion TV interviewed some of the attendees to see what they thought.

“In general, I thought it was very interesting, the variety of views you have coming in for your gubernatorial position, and the variety of things they would like to do, and how they all, in some different way overlap,” William Ainsely, a freshman from Florida said. “Every vote counts. Even if you don’t think that, trust me when I say ‘Every vote counts.’”

Kaitlin Herrington, a freshman, said, “I thought it was very well composed, which was good. There wasn’t anything stressful, nobody got in any fights, which was good to see.” When asked if she thought there had been a clear winner, “I think it’s gonna be close. Politics-wise, I’m on very different edges of my family, so we have different views. They see it as going a really set way, and I see it as going the opposite way.”

The gubernatorial election is scheduled to take place on Nov. 6, 2018.

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