The city of Tifton has been haunted and the locals have made it a fun time for everyone. The Haunted Theatre was back for a short time and was a huge success. It was located at the Tift Theatre in downtown Tifton.

The Haunted Theatre has been around for years and is the biggest money maker of the year. For the past ten years, through many management changes, the Haunted Theatre has always been held at Tift Theatre.

Kaylee Stokes, the person behind the magic, loves doing her job, which she has been doing for the past two years. “I have volunteered for years but last year and this year, I’ve been the one in charge,” Stokes said, “Halloween is my favorite time of the year. There is a lot of stress but looking back at last year it was one of my favorite memories from 2017.”

The people behind the Haunted Theatre are all volunteers, people who want to put a little scare into the city of Tifton. There were no auditions. Stokes put out the word that they were looking for anyone willing to help.

Every year, the Haunted Theatre is based around a certain theme and this year, they went all out. For the past week, word got around town that the Tift Theatre was under construction and it fits into what Stokes and the rest of the volunteers put on.

The Haunted Theatre was a walk-through and started out as a tour of the historical place. One of the volunteers explained at the beginning of the walk-through that there were construction workers throughout the theatre and they were hard at work. The volunteer was then snatched away by someone and left the guests to fend for themselves and work their way through the theatre.

The sets that were built by all volunteers were perfect for the theme. The guests were led through the theatre, onto the stage and followed by a deranged construction worker with a drill.

What made the Haunted Theatre so fun was how personal they made the experience. Each guest signed a liability waiver, which gave the volunteers their names. As each group went through the theatre, the deranged construction workers would call out their names and plead for help.

The Haunted Theatre has always been a success and this year was no different.

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