GSA hosts bake sale to fund club project


Ever since the consolidation with Bainbridge, category four clubs at ABAC have lost funding for holding events. ABAC’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA is one of the clubs that has been affected by this, however, they are not letting the loss of funds stop them from being active on campus. On Oct. 25, GSA hosted their annual Halloween Bake Sale. This was their third year hosting the fundraiser.

Each semester, the club sets out a list of goals they hope to achieve for the semester. The money raised at their fundraisers go towards these goals. What they raised at the bake sale will be going towards their Clothing Exchange Project, which will help transgender and dysphoric individuals have access to clothing they may not have due to poverty or being in an unsafe situation. The funds will also be going towards decorations and supplies for the haybale contest, the club hosted documentary showings and other events.

The Halloween Bake Sale is an event that each GSA member and several students and staff look forward to every year. This year, the bake sale had a variety of snacks available such as lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies, Halloween themed cupcakes, triple chocolate brownies and chocolate decorated pretzel sticks. All treats are made by members of the club. At the end of the event, the GSA sold out of everything managing to raise over 100 dollars. Due to its success this year and in years prior the GSA will continue to host the event in the future.

GSA plans to host other fundraising events as well. These include a Warm Your Heart event, where they will sell hot cocoa to battle the cold, their annual informative Women’s Day Bake Sale in the spring, various raffles and a Tie Dye event.

Despite not getting funding, category four clubs like the GSA will continue to stay relevant on ABAC’s campus. However, they cannot do it without the support of those around them. Be sure to support ABAC’s clubs when they take the time and effort to organize and host events so that they can continue to have a prominent impact on ABAC.

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