ABAC Farm receives a donation at Ag Expo


TIFTON— Using modern technology with top of the line equipment in laboratory experiences prepares students at ABAC for real-world careers upon the completion of their bachelor’s degrees. Thanks to a recent donation to the J.G. Woodroof Farm at ABAC from the CDS-John Blue Company from Huntsville, Ala., and LMC Ag from Albany, that preparation for the future received a shot in the arm.

CDS-John Blue donated a gauge and wheel drive, a flow divider, a 6055 pump and a blockage monitoring system. LMC Ag donated a toolbar, 200-gallon tank, Clymer Coulter System and liquid plumbing.

ABAC Farm Manager Trey Davis said the four-row colter unit’s applicator is equipped with a liquid flow blockage monitoring system that wirelessly connects to a tablet and alerts the operator of blockage issues.

“Technology is moving at a fast pace, and our industry supporters are ensuring that the hands-on experience will continue to be what makes ABAC a great choice for students,” Davis said. “This equipment helps the nitrogen get into the ground where the plant needs it. We will be using it on cotton and corn at the Woodroof Farm.”

Jason Goodwin is a 2008 ABAC alumnus who is the LMC Ag Sales Manager.

“We work closely with Trey on exactly what they need at the farm,” Goodwin said. “Through this donation, LMC Ag reaffirms our commitment to agricultural education.”

Craig Mashburn, Director of Sales and Marketing for John Blue, said, “We appreciate what ABAC does for the ag industry by promoting sound agricultural practices through the education of students. We hope this equipment will help the faculty educate students for years to come.”

Dr. Mark Kistler, Dean of the ABAC School of Agriculture and Natural Resources, is well aware of the importance of industry partners.

“Industry partners such as LMC Ag and John Blue ensure that our students graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary in the latest agricultural technologies,” Kistler said. “Donations such as this strengthen our programs because they expose our students to farm technology equipment.”

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