Imagine giving someone the power to tattoo anything they want on any part of your body. It’s honestly a scary feeling because all it takes is for a bird finger on your forehead to keep you from getting a decent job. Well, MTV has brought this nightmare to life with its new reality TV show “How Far Is Tattoo Far?”.

The show is based on the international TV show “Just Tattoo of Us,” which first aired in the United Kingdom. The show takes two people who know each other very well whether they are friends, siblings, cousins, partners or ex-partners and let them design each other’s tattoos. The trick is they must wear blackout sunglasses, the tattoo can be anything and can be placed anywhere on the body. Although you would think they would give each other a sweet or meaningful tattoo, there seems to be a rule of thumb that all of the tattoos must be terrible, based off the premiere.

Throughout the episode, you meet the duos that are getting tattoos. Then, during the design period, you learn about the meaning behind the tattoo. After the design period, you watch the duos get their tattoos. Finally, you get to see the big reveal of the duo’s tattoos and whether it will make or break their relationship.

The show is hosted by “Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s” Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and “Younger’s” Nico Tortorella. The two are no help at comforting the participants as their reactions freak out the participants out themselves. In the second episode, one tattoo was so bad that Snooki had to pause the countdown, run over to the bar grab a glass of wine and finish the countdown by watching through her fingertips. Overall, the two hosts do a phenomenal job of keeping the audience on the edge of their seats about what the people are getting tattooed while keeping the show humorous.

Although the show mostly introduces random people who have their own background stories, they do plan on bringing in guest duos such as “Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s” Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Larangeira, who was featured in the first episode. Some of the other guest duos who are planned to be featured on the show consist of “Floribama Shore’s” Nilsa Prowant and Aimee Hall, and MTV’s “The Challenge’s” Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore.

Be sure to tune into “How Far is Tatoo Far?” every Thursday night at 9 p.m.

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