DJ Simba brings new music to ABAC


Music has hit ABAC’s campus, but it’s not from the ABAC Band or ABAC Choir. Student Matthew Allen hits the ABAC radio, WPLH 101.3 FM, Monday through Friday and serves the campus with a mixture of his own beats. His stage name is DJ Simba.

Allen has been DJing since he was 18, getting started with his cousin, DJ Lee, “He started taking me to clubs and I thought what he did was so cool. I was like: you get to turn people up. That’s cool.”

It wasn’t long before Allen and DJ Lee found themselves getting booked for major events. Allen said he gets called to do multiple events with his cousin.

“The last one we did was Coffee County’s homecoming. I had my DJ booth, he had him and we just matched beats. We started the night out slow, you know, didn’t want them to get too burnt. We wanted them to stay. And then we got a little hype and everyone was like oh okay. We’re feeling this.”

DJing has become apart of Allen’s life. Being on WPLH is just the start for Allen and he’s made it something to call his own with his daily mixes.

“I think my favorite day to DJ is Thursday because I do throwback Thursdays. I can throw in any kind of throwbacks from the 70’s, the 80’s to something in our generation. But I also like doing New Music Friday’s. I’m able to turn people on to new and different things and that’s what I love to do.”

You can hear DJ Simba’s different mixes Monday through Friday during midday. He’s on ABAC’s Radio WPLH 101.3 FM Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 1 and Tuesday and Thursday starting at 12:30.

If anyone is interested in having a radio slot, you can visit Keith Perry in his office, located on the second floor of Branch Hall.

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