Brian Kemp rallies in Tifton before the election


Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Kemp was joined by an assembly of Republican supporters on October 3rd at the Tifton-Tift County Chamber of Commerce. The rally was part of Kemp’s “Putting Georgians First” bus tour that included cities across the state.

Kemp spoke of his plans to foster innovation and prosperity in rural Georgia in hopes of rallying the troops ahead of the November 6th election against Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams. Kemp says his campaign is a “fight for the soul of our state” and that “we are just trying to tell people the truth.”

Kemp’s plans to bring prosperity to rural Georgia included pledging to increase rural hospital tax credits to $100 million and by encouraging private sectors to extend high-speed internet across rural areas. Kemp believes his plans to prosper rural areas will provide Georgians  “better opportunities, no matter the zip code.” Kemp hopes his plans will improve health care facilities across rural Georgia and will “provide more access for those who need it.” He states his plan is drastically different from the “single-payer, government funded” plan proposed by Stacey Abrams’ “radical agenda.”

Kemp also promises to work towards lowering the state income tax in order to alleviate financial burdens upon families in rural areas “who think we are still in a recession.” He also discourages those who believe “Stacey Abrams will be the next Nathan Deal” because of her alleged plans to reverse recent income tax cuts.

As a “father of three teenaged girls”, Kemp vowed to increase protection for children against sexual predators as well as law enforcement officials. Kemp claimed that the past voting records of Stacey Abrams on such issues “was unacceptable for our state, and did not represent the values of our state.” If elected Kemp promised to “go after street gangs and sexual predators” and to increase penalties for those who assault law enforcement officials.

Kemp along with Senator Austin Scott, who was also in attendance, warned supporters of the radical ideas of the opposition and hoped voters would turn out on Election Day and not be complacent. Kemp also thanked those who had worked hard for his campaign and asked that they “Keep Choppin’ Wood.”

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