Spectators got a chance to see trucks and tractors up close and in action during the AET Truck and Tractor Pull. Trucks and tractors compete to see who can pull a weight across a track at the fastest time. The event is held annually and sponsored by the Agricultural Engineering Technology Club or AET club.

The truck and tractor pull spanned the course of three days from Oct. 4-6. The event started on Thursday evening and opened with Amateur Night. On this night people in the community and students participated in the pull.

During the pull, a weighted sled is attached to the tractor or truck. The pull takes place on a dirt track where there is enough space for the event to happen. The further the tractor or truck goes, the harder it will be to pull the weight.

Each tractor and truck’s times are shown on a clock at the edge of the track. The one with the most mph (miles per hour) is the winner.

The tractors and trucks are divided into weight classes and each has personalized names. ABAC even had its own two pulling tractors named Altered Allis and Cracker Jack.

Friday night’s pull was just as loud and fast as the previous day. “It’s like Nascar without left turns,” is what one spectator said of the truck and tractor pull. Professional pullers from the Southern Pullers Association were provided for the event.

The truck pull had contenders such as Reinforced, Mr. Sparkle, Stampede and Holloway. The announcer called out each truck’s name and encouraged the crowd to cheer out loud for their favorite contender.

Reinforced came in at 269 mph. The trucks Holloway and Stampede pulled weights at 300 and 305 mph respectively. Mr. Sparkle had the fastest time at 305.68 mph.

After this, the announcer revealed that the diesel trucks would come out next. The diesel trucks were extremely loud and definitely got the crowds excited. The final day of the AET Truck and Tractor was on Saturday, Oct. 6.

The truck and tractor pull event was for all ages and the entire family. Attendees also enjoyed food booths and face paintings.

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