ABAC wildlife students install duckboxes for former president

Wildlife Society club members posing with one of the duck boxes. From left to right: Triston Hansford, Davis Simons, Dr. Vannessa Lane, Brittany Ray, Dr. Doug Waid, Morgan Pierce, Kevin Davis, Autumn Skates, Shelby Gates, Dalton Bowie, Robert Martin. Photo Courtesy of School of Agriculture and Natural Resource Facebook page

What would it be like to do something for one of our presidents? To some, even the mention of this sounds outlandish, something that will never happen, a fairy tale.

But that became reality for a group of ABAC students, who built and set up duck boxes for former President Jimmy Carter.

ABAC has been building these boxes for President Carter for years now, as well as installing and maintaining them. Rob Martin was one of the students on the latest installation.

“This time installing new boxes we had to be approved by thorough background checks several weeks before we planned to install them,” he said; the Secret Service takes this just as seriously as anything else. Not just anyone can work for a former president.

Students spent half a day building the boxes before the actual installation, which was attended by Dr. Vanessa Lane, Dr. Doug Waid — one of ABAC’s former professors and the man who originally contacted Carter about boxes — as well as nine students.

However, the event was not as glamorous as some students may have thought. “We did not directly interact with President Carter or the Secret Service on this trip,” Martin told The Stallion.

While some might have been disappointed by not getting to meet the president in person, Martin thinks that this job is still a great thing. “This was an excellent opportunity, doing boxes for a former president, and it says a lot about ABAC’s reputation that we were chosen.” He views this as recognition of student work. “I believe it says that people see the hard work we put into tasks and appreciate it.”

Martin is looking forward to working this job again. “I do hope to work on this project again, and we currently plan to do some cleaning of boxes next semester.”

For anyone interested in helping next semester, contact Dr. Vanessa Lane at vlane@abac.edu.

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