The Story So Far; Never Stop Screaming


     What if the world could hear you? What if you could scream, from the top of your lungs, every good, bad, and ugly thing that ever happened to you? Now, what if you could do that and capitalize from it?

     Nearing the end of September, Friday the 21st to be exact, a little punk rock band called The Story So Far from a small town in California was set to release their fourth album. This album has been posted on iTunes, Spotify, and other music media sources for weeks displaying their top three singles that have already been released, “Let it Go”, “Take Me as You Please”, and my personal favorite “Upside Down”. Fans have been waiting since 2015 for something new from the band and when we were told last December that this new album still needed time, no one had any idea that it would take them almost an entire year longer. However, to say it was worth the wait would be a complete and utter understatement.

     It’s no secret that everyone struggles with growing up and finding their place in this world. This album gave the fans a chance to see that from their perspective. It’s like the fans got a chance to grow up with these kids. If you compare this album to their album “The Story So Far” it sounds like two completely different bands. Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s the music industry and musicians have people write for them and those writers stick to whatever is popular, but I truly do not believe that was the case here. The only people ever listed as writers on any songs The Story So Far has produced are all of the members of the band, though lead singer Parker Cannon is usually the main writer. Considering it’s been three years since the band decided to resurface, I can’t help but think of all the things they have gone through and how they have changed, making my heart even fonder of the crew and their inherently flawed attitude. The previous albums were angrier, louder, and more traditional punk/emo. This album is subtle, charming, and hateful all at the same time. They’re still the same old band, but they are done with all the noise and more focused on speaking their truth.

     I hope that The Story So Far never stops screaming so that all the world can hear. Proper Dose is now available on all platforms and I urge you to take a listen even if it isn’t your usual style.

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