The Stallion Shop opens


     The bookstore on ABAC’s campus changed its name and its brand this semester. On Sept. 19, the bookstore announced that it would be changing the name from “The ABAC Bookstore” to “The Stallion Shop”.

      The employees at the bookstore hosted a ribbon cutting event, where they announced the new name, as well as door prizes, food, and drinks for the students that attended. During the event, students were able to enjoy cupcakes and fruit punch while they waited for the event to start.

      Tracy Dyal, The Stallion Shop’s manager, planned the brand change with help from the school. “We decided that we really wanted to focus less on textbooks and a little more on all the other things that we do,” Dyal said, “We wanted to showcase to the students that we’re not just a bookstore, that we do other things for the campus and try to be involved with the things going on campus.”

     The Stallion Shop not only changed its name but also added a new feature into the store. The new Item of the Week has started this semester. Each week, the employees will feature one item from the store they think will help students out more, whether it be school supplies or one of the many clothing items they offer. Dyal says it’s another way for the students to be more involved with the other items in the store.

     The students that attended were able to enter their names for special prizes, such as a Bluetooth speaker, wireless earphones and even a Yeti cooler. With each entry, the students were allowed to spend the prize wheel, which gave them a chance to win a pencil, an ABAC cup, a tote bag, 10 percent, 25 percent, and 35 percent discount off of any one item in the store. This seemed to attract the students to the event.

     ABAC Student McKenzie Lewis said, “The promise of the $20 gift card and the promise to be able to win made me want to come to the event. There is a lot of cute stuff in here and I don’t have the money to always afford it.”

     Jachi Fletcher followed the trend of students attending, “I was gonna go play ping pong when I saw two CA’s I know from Lakeside headed over here. They said The Stallion Shop was giving away free stuff and food so I was like alright. Let’s go.”

     The Stallion Shop is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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